Nida's Singing and Piano Lessons in Chicago Area

Soprano Nida Grigalaviciute - Carnegie Hall Diploma of Recognition
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In 2013 Soprano Nida Grigalaviciute was awarded a Carnegie Hall Diploma of Recognition for the achievements of her students.

Each student under Ms. Nida's care gets personalized instruction based on their individual talents, needs, and interests.

"I look for what my students can do best and I will focus on their strengths and weaknesses."

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Philosophy of Education

Ms. Nida began her formal musical education when she was accepted into a music school at the tender age of seven. She remembers the entrance examination all to well; only students who were capable of holding notes, using proper pitch, and playing simple piano pieces were accepted. Ms. Nida has loved music from a very early age and her many teachers have given her a clear perspective on her teaching philosophy for music education.

As a student, Ms. Nida?s most important lesson was in gaining confidence as a musician and performer. Her earliest teachers taught her not to fear the audience, to trust her instincts, and to feel the piece she was performing with a passion that would make it her own.

Ms. Nida believes in hard work. She teaches her students to have discipline and focuses on the art of brain work, a method by which her students must focus solely on piece performance while 'zoning out' all outside distractions.

"While playing or singing a piece I tell my students they must concentrate and focus on only that. They must understand all aspects of music making."

Ms. Nida believes recitals are important for building confidence and teaching students a good work ethic. But above all else, she maintains that all her students must have fun and enjoy themselves. If she cannot interest her students in the music and inspire them to practice and learn on their own, then she has failed in her role as teacher.

Ms. Nida individualizes her methods for every student. She incorporates fun warm-up songs and playful musical scales for her beginning students, playing around with her youngest pupils but getting serious with more mature, experienced students that want to know everything.

Soprano Nida Grigalaviciute's students - 2011
Nida's students - 2011
Soprano Nida Grigalaviciute's students - 2013
Nida's students - 2013

Nida's students